What Our Customers Have To Say

Take a look at what past and current customers have said about Jaeckels Well Drilling and Service. Would you like to share your experience? Contact us today, we would love to hear from you!

“Thanks for the fast service.”

— Frank
Lakeville, MN

“Thanks for your time and patience getting the water going for our kids."

— Dan

“Thanks Todd, guys did a nice job.”

— Steve
Veseli, MN

“Todd, Thanks for taking care of the well problem so quick. I really appreciate it."

— Ron
Webster, MN

"Thanks for the prompt service. There’s not many business people like you around anymore. It was nice to meet your daughter that day - what a nice young lady."

— Jeff
Northfield, MN

“Thank you so much Todd and assistant for taking on the challenging job of repairing our well. The water coming out of the faucet looks great.”

— Tom & Diane
New Prague, MN

"After struggling with water pressure issues for months, I finally gave in and called the professionals. Todd had been out and looked at the well over a decade ago to let us know what it would entail to move the pump into the basement and get it out of the little pump house where it is now, so I gave him a call. I couldn't believe that Todd remembered all those details about our well and pump a decade later. The guy has a mind like a steel trap! Todd and one of his employees did some troubleshooting and replaced a valve on the main water line right as it comes into the house. Problem solved. Todd won't sugar-coat it, which is appreciated. He gets right down to business, won't waste your time or his. He comes in to fix a problem and does. Old-school customer service at its best! I highly recommend him. He knows his craft and is brilliant at fixing problems. Thanks Jaeckels Team!"

— Nichole
Lakeville, MN